HotmailimagesHotmail is offered by Microsoft Corporation

A Web-based e-mail service from Microsoft that is available free or paid, based on message storage and attachment capacity, security and other features. Originally developed by Hotmail Corporation and acquired by Microsoft in 1998, Hotmail became the fastest growing e-mail service on the Web. Hotmail is expected to be integrated into the Windows Live umbrella in 2007. For more information, visit See Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live.

There's a Size Limit When Sending Attachments with Hotmail

Be aware, though, that there's a limit to the total size a message you send from Windows Live Hotmail can reach (counting both the message text and attached files). You can send messages up to 10 MB in total size. This means that all attachments to a Windows Live Hotmail message plus the message text must not take more space than 10 MB.

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