Devine Interventions brings together a group of talented computer technicians and programmers, graphic artists, photographers, and web designers to provide an affordable solution for people wanting modern web solutions for their business or organization.

We have been involved with the internet" since the web was gray" and have continued to learn and use all the technology and innovations for our clients.

Devine Interventions's mission is to provide functional and affordable web design and hosting services for our clients, utilizing only the most current tools. Our web design professionals strive to simplify your experience on the Net. Aiming to increase your profits and decrease your expenses, our Web development department will deliver your information effectively and market your site to build and retain a visitor base.

In summary, our goal is to enrich your business through the Internet's massive potential. We can provide you with a conventional web site, or develop a site that includes some of the newest technologies available.


Initially, we started as individual musicians, graphic artists, and computer technicians. As the World Wide Web developed as a tool for communications, entertainment, and business productivity, we joined our efforts to provide a wider range of services to our individual clients. Devine Interventions has associated with extensive experience in the arts and technology industries.

Since its founding in 1990, Devine Interventions has been funded by private investors. The company utilizes a robust server and advanced router architecture to provide superior Internet access, World Wide Web development, and site hosting. Hosting is provided on a variety of world-class servers.

Internet Access

Devine Interventions and our other web hosting services specialize in leading-edge Internet technology and networking. Devine Interventions is NOT an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We host our clients on world-class servers with high access to the internet backbone. Devine Interventions can offer the widest range of options available, by offering services that are unavailable locally.

Web Development

Devine Interventions' Web development staff works together on each site, bringing a wide range of technical and artistic skills to each project. The Web department consists of graphic designers, programmers and database managers, and utilizes the most advanced and interactive tools - Java, Javascript, Flash, AJAX, Apple Quicktime, RealAudio, PERL, PHP and CGI scripting. Every site is assigned to a project manager, who works with both the client and the Web developers to ensure that the project is completed as specified, on time and within budget. We provide web development as well as continued web maintenance, updating services, and statistical reporting to our clients.